About Studyclix

We started Studyclix to change the way students study and teachers teach. Studyclix was started back in 2012 by an Irish teacher Luke Saunders and co-founder Keith Wright, a software engineer. When Luke started teaching he couldn’t believe how little the classroom had changed since he was a student despite the rise of the Internet. Studyclix began with the simple idea of breaking up subjects into topics and then giving students everything they need to study that topic. Quite quickly thousands of teachers also started using Studyclix in the classroom to enrich their teaching and to manage their student’s assessments.

Within 3 years Studyclix has grown to be Ireland’s largest study website and we are proud to have over 100,000 students and more than 90% of Irish second level teachers registered with us.

We are delighted to be able to bring Studyclix to Australia! Working with the best teachers in Victoria we have been able to divide past VCE exam papers in all the main subjects into topics. For each topic you will find past exam questions, exam reports as well as everything you need to improve your exam performance.

We love getting feedback (good and bad!) and we love hearing ideas of how we can improve the site. You can contact hello@studyclix.com.au.

Studyclix is completely free for teachers and students will always have free access to any resources uploaded by teachers. We hope to pay our bills through hosting ads and having students pay a subscription for full access to the site. If you really like what we do, why not like us on facebook or follow us on twitter. And if you really really like we do, please tell your friends about us.

And finally, thanks for using Studyclix!