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How a Studyclix upgrade helps you do better in exams

By Moya Ellis - 3 minute read

You can choose between 3 different accounts on Studyclix. While they are great benefits for every one of our account types, keep reading to see why having a Studyclix Premium account will really make a difference when preparing for exams.


What's the difference between Plus and Premium?

You can learn all about the different offers we have on our Pricing Page but here's a quick run-through the main differences:

What are the benefits of Premium?

Access to trial exams:

  • One of the main features of Premium is that you get full access to all tril exams and past questions for your selected subjects. Access to trial exams means access to almost double the amount of questions those on Plus access have. 

  • By being able to practise trial questions, you increase your chance of being fully prepared in an exam and getting a better mark, because you'll have experienced most of the questions already

  • Trial questions also provide more variety in your study, as you get to see questions that don't appear in your official exam papers and in turn, you're more prepared for any question that might come your way in the exam.

Unlimited use of the Quizzes feature:

  • Premium and Plus users can take as many subject and topic quizzes as they like, whereas Basic users are limited to 5 questions per quiz.

  • Quizzes are a fantastic, interactive way of revising for your exams, and make studying fun!

Access to subject and topic flashcards 

  • Premium and Plus users can access our topic and subject definitions available in select subjects

  • Flashcards are such a good way to test your knowledge and practise active recall (proven to be one of the best study techniques!)

In summary...

if you upgrade to Premium, you can have all of these features that a Basic account doesn't have:

  • All trial exam questions by topic & full exam papers

  • Unlimited use of the quizzes feature

  • Access to subject and topic flashcards 

And if that won't convince you, just look at what our satisfied Premium users have to say:

It saves me so much time and effort. Rather than searching through past papers for a certain topics, they're already divided into different sections

It's good for finding exam questions on specific topics and having the marking schemes is important so you can see what you're doing right or wrong. I also love the sample answers you have

I love that you can find every exam question on each topic. It means I can study one chapter in the book, print the questions on that topic and then look at the marking schemes if I couldn’t get any of them

Just wanted to say I think Studyclix is brilliant. I use it after I revise every handy! It saves so much time instead of looking through your exam papers and trying to find the solutions :) I've also started using the exam builder to make random mock tests for myself... so good

For more information, just message us using our chat service or email us at so we can tell you more about the benefits of Studyclix Premium!

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