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Studyclix helps your child to learn in a self-directed way, even when you're not free to help them study. We give them everything they need to know, as well as ways to test themselves and work through the course content in a manageable, step-by-step way.

Why Studyclix is better than tutoring

1. It uses scientific methods to keep your child motivated and avoid procrastination

2. Your child can use it all year for the cost of only 1 tutoring class!

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But what is Studyclix?

Studyclix breaks all past and trial exam questions and their exam reports into topics.

Your child can both assess their learning and improve their knowledge while studying alone.

Turn studying into a game

Your child can use our comprehensive quiz questions to turn studying into a game, identify their knowledge gaps, and keep themselves engaged.

A great gift for your child

Support your child by getting them Studyclix to help them succeed. It could be the biggest boost they get this year!

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Expert Support

We've built an expert team of support, available to answer your questions about the site & study 7 days a week.

Study Advice

Using effective study techniques is an essential part of succeeding in exams, so we provide advice based on scientific research.

Engaging Content

We work with the best teachers and students to build flashcards, quizzes, videos, and notes to help keep you engaged and motivated.


For the price of only 1 tutoring class ($59.99), Studyclix Plus gives your child access until the end of the school year, including previous VCE/QCE exam questions by topic, exam reports, videos, notes, flashcards, and quizzes.

Studyclix Premium costs $89 and gives your child access to trial exam questions, which is particularly useful for subjects in which the exam design has recently changed. 

Our student surveys and our glowing Trustpilot reviews overwhelmingly show that Studyclix is extremely helpful for students in improving their grades, from saving them time to helping them beat procrastination, study in a self-directed way, stay motivated, and go into the exam confident that they know what they need to know. It's firmly rooted in scientific education research, covers all the main subjects, and all for the price of just one tutoring class. In terms of investing in your child's future, it's an absolute no-brainer.

If there is more than one student in your family requiring Plus or Premium access then you can upgrade both accounts separately or contact us for any other questions.

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