Studyclix for teachers

Here's a quick rundown of the most important things to know when you're just getting started with a teacher account (click here if you're a student).

Pick a subject, pick a topic

Navigate into whatever topic you are teaching to show all the past state exam questions on that topic.

View questions and examiner reports

Having all questions in one place with the examiner report underneath means that you can quickly highlight what your students need to get full marks.

Find teaching resources

Check the Videos & Notes section on each topic to find videos, sample answers, podcasts and notes to help support your teacher and your students' learning.

Build quizzes you don't have to grade

Our Quiz Builder allows you to make self-correcting quizzes in your chosen topics.

Use our Exam Builder to make tests

Create custom exams using our database of past state exam questions or create your own questions. Print them out or share the pdf with your students.

Ready to get started?