These guidelines are meant to build a mutual understanding of what being a part of this community is all about. Please join us and:

  • Share relevant and helpful information 

    Your fellow community members would love to hear your questions and help you where they can. The community wants to know about the helpful free resources you have come across, your challenges and triumphs, and your lessons learnt. You can share these in the relevant subject/ topic via a discussion post or if you want to give easy access to the resource, use the ‘suggest a resource' feature. 

  • Always be respectful

    Be respectful of others and where they are coming from. 

  • Think before you share

    We care about your safety. Swapping or posting any private information that could be misused is unsafe. That includes your phone number, Instagram handle, Snapchat handle, school name, email, or other personal information that could put your privacy at risk. Simply put: don’t overshare. Sharing and encouraging others to share personal data might get your post - and possibly your account - removed.

Please don’t use Studyclix to…

  • Sell services 

    It is not helpful to the community to see posts advertising grinds or selling notes or products. The community is for asking genuine questions related to study, and sharing free information, opinions or helpful tips. If you have some free content you would like to share, by all means, suggest it as a resource (using the ‘suggest a resource’ action and it will be approved by our team of moderators if they think it will be useful to the community. If you have a website, you can add that information to the description of your free resource.

  • Upload copyright material

    We welcome sharing links to free external resources. However, sharing copyrighted and pirated materials is not acceptable and such posts and references will be removed without warning.

  • Request personal details

    By asking another member to share their personal information (email, social media information, etc.) on a public forum, you are asking them to put themselves at risk. This is not helpful or supportive so please do not do it.

  • Cheat

    Studyclix believes in honest learning. Please do not use the community to ask others to do your homework or for information about current mocks content. Any post looking to share details or acquire details on mocks that people have taken will be removed.

  • Attack a person or group of people with words and actions

    Unless you have something helpful or supportive to share, or something genuine to ask, don't contribute to the Community. Studyclix is a safe place for learners of all backgrounds. Harassment and hurtful content will not be tolerated. Using symbols, names and text that promote hate, as well as harassing, stalking, impersonating, and making sexual remarks towards someone are considered abuse. Rule of thumb: if there is a chance you are making someone feel attacked or hurt, then you shouldn’t be doing it. We take these reports seriously and may delete your account without previous notice if such activity is verified by our team.

  • Spam the forum 

    Leaving a trail of irrelevant, abusive, illegal, or nonsensical entries in forums or anywhere on Studyclix is not helping people and may get your account suspended. This includes not only creating posts without substance, but any type of spamming.

Community Moderation

  • The community is kept safe and valuable by everyone that uses it. By reporting posts or comments that are not in line with these guidelines, you are helping to make the Studyclix Community a valuable free resource for everyone.

  • Community moderation on Studyclix is carried out by former students who have found the Community on Studyclix helpful in the past. 

  • Moderators remove unhelpful posts, and personal details, and proactively contribute to questions if they have useful information or suggested resources.

  • Moderators also review suggested resources, helping to ensure we have free resources on Studyclix. Sometimes we get it wrong. If you see a resource you think is not high quality, please use the ‘report’ action so we can remove the resource. Studyclix reserves the right to make the final decision about what appears on the Studyclix website.

  • To help ensure community members are aware of resources suggested as comments within discussion posts, community moderators may add your suggestion as a suggested resource.  

  • If your suggested resource is deemed suitable to share with the community we will email you to say thanks for your contribution. 🙏